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January Member Check-In

What are Member Check-ins? Follow our page

Time 11:30 am - Noon January 12th

16 attendees


  • Board Introductions - See Chapter board here

  • Discussed new membership pricing and announced the new simplified member rates follow for details to share with your non-member network.

  • Promoted Kickoff event and Silent auction - Register today!

  • Discussed opportunities for hosting this years events

  • Next event inquiries - Multi-discipline call for speakers or topics

    • topic of AI suggested in use of marketing and RM

  • Reminder to Add to the safe sender list on your email

  • Introduced the new membership drive in accordance with the stout chapter. Will include in person drop ins and meeting with hospitality influencers in the area.

  • Discussed Travel Boom Podcast and how it relates to what we are seeing in our own market.

  • Next Member check in is Feb 9th 11:30 am and will continue on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for the duration of 2022.

Hope to see you at the next meeting where we cover new topics. Watch our website for updates.

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